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We Take Your Power to the Grid and Pay You Money
You Control Your Operations
Unlock Your Energy Savings

Viridity Energy’s enabling software turns energy profiles into financial returns. Our mission is to transform how energy customers interact proactively and productively with the electric grid. Through our ability to access more energy markets and savings opportunities than anyone in the business, our customers achieve optimal bottom line results.








  • Industrial Solutions

    Seeking new ways to control energy costs without production impact? Our solutions can lower overall energy spend by up to 15% while respecting production constraints. 

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  • Storage Solutions

    Looking for new ways to finance renewables? By combining renewables with our storage solutions, we can improve developer IRR by up to 6% through real-time market integration. 

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  • Commercial Solutions

    Looking to reduce energy costs without sacrificing tenant comfort?  Our solutions allow portfolio owners to lower energy spend by up to 20% while respecting tenant needs. 

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