VPower™ from Viridity

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VPowerTM is our patent pending software platform that works with your existing systems to identify the optimal demand-side strategy for your energy resources.

VPower™ is an advanced software and hardware solution that combines individual and/or multiple organizations’ distributed resources, energy storage systems and controllable load, and schedules them optimally in order to achieve maximum economic value while meeting each organization’s environmental objectives.

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About Our Products:

Energy Monitoring and Analytics:

Viridity’s VPower™ system includes an Energy Monitoring and Analytics dashboard, which distills a wealth of energy data into simple, straightforward visuals. These insights pull back the curtain from the complexity of the grid, giving customers actionable information to make informed decisions about their energy usage.

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Demand Management:

When energy costs hurt profits, customers want solutions that cut those costs. However, energy strategies must not conflict with the client’s core business goals.  Viridity’s Demand Management product empowers clients to strike their own optimal balance to lower their energy spend while preserving fidelity to their business needs. This product suite provides customers with the ability to proactively plan to strategically manage demand to dramatically reduce energy costs. Products include:

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DR and Energy Markets:

 Wholesale electricity markets, administered by regional grid operators,  enable the customer to monetize its ability to manage its load, by selling services traded in the markets. Each customer’s ability to earn revenues from the wholesale markets depends on the assets the customer can use for that purpose, the willingness to do so, and market conditions.   Achieving that potential depends on a service provider's market expertise and technology, which together identify the best use of the customer's assets to participate in the markets, preserve fidelity with the customer's operational constraints, and use automation to minimize any burden on facility staff.  Through VPower™ and our Network Operations Center, Viridity provides our customers with the ability to access wholesale and utility programs  in PJM, ERCOT, and NYISO. 

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