Viridity Energy’s enabling software turns energy profiles into financial returns. Our mission is to transform how energy customers interact proactively and productively with the electric grid. Through our ability to obtain customer’s revenue from more energy markets and savings opportunities than anyone in the business, our customers achieve optimal bottom line results.

Viridity Energy is transforming how large energy customers interact proactively and productively with the electric grid. We strive each day to provide our customers with the most effective software platform in the energy market place. We pride ourselves on our unique technology solution, our in-depth market expertise, and our unmatched commitment to turning our customers’ energy profiles into financial returns.  

Viridity Empowers Smart Energy Users

Today’s electric consumers no longer accept the traditional  transactional view where they receive a bill and pay it without thinking about ways to impact their energy costs. Today’s electric customers are also increasingly sophisticated about their energy assets, and are making investments in renewable energy and storage technologies.  These customers desire an opportunity to maximize the return on these investments. 

The rising awareness about the positive impact that informed and proactive energy management can have on lowering energy spend means that today’s consumers are eager for actionable and proven energy solutions.

Viridity Energy puts control over energy costs into our customer’s hands. With the ability to forecast market power prices and  optimize that value by factoring in the complexity of our client’s portfolio of assets, we enable our customers to seamlessly turn their energy profile into positive bottom line impact.