Viridity Energy strives to create strategic partnerships to provide new solutions, increase servce offerings, enhance customer satisfaction, or expand to new markets. Our unique value proposition, along with our VPower™ software platform, allow for robust partnerships with channel partners and technology providers. Our goal is to create a small number of highly focused strategic partnerships that accomplish specific goals for the end users and our partners. Through these partnerships, we deliver a combined product to the market that meets customer objectives.

ENGIE Resources, one of the country’s largest competitive retail electricity providers to commercial, industrial and institutional customers, has established a partnership with Viridity Energy to provide their customers with comprehensive, customized demand response solutions.  Companies have been managing the supply side of their energy costs for years.  But now through this partnership, ENGIE Resources  and Viridity Energy have come together to help customers manage the demand side of the equation for a complete and balanced way to optimize energy spend. Together, we can offer customers the right market tools to take the next step in achieving energy cost reduction targets.

ConEdison Solutions—a leading energy services company that provides competitive power supply, renewable energy, sustainability services and cost effective energy solutions for commercial, industrial, residential and government customers—has partnered with Viridity Energy on a major demand response offering through the introduction of “energy optimization”, an automated, revenue-generating energy management offering.  This allows energy users to effectively transform themselves into energy suppliers (a virtual power plant) when market conditions present such opportunities.  Through this strategy, customers have the ability to generate revenue year-round by taking advantage of market prices, without impact on customer convenience and comfort. 

Energy storage manufacturers  and renewable energy project developers have found that working with Viridity’s VPower™ software allows them to improve the ROI for their customers by gaining access to new wholesale market revenue streams.  In this way, our partners are able to deploy their technology to meet their clients’ operational or savings requirements, while VPower™ leverages that very same technology asset to deliver a cash flow stream to shorten the simple payback. For more information on this partnership, please visit our technology partnerships.