At Viridity Energy, we believe that technology plays a critical role in paving the way to the smart energy future.  By creating strategic partnerships utilizing the latest in technology innovations, we can advance our goal of achieving a smart grid future where customers, generators, utilities, and grid operators work together to maximize the value of all resources and achieve a more efficient and reliable grid. 

Our technology partnership with the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), Saft, and EnviTech Energy is the type of partnership that we believe will lead to true smart energy transformation.

The subway trains utilized by SEPTA every day require a large amount of electricity to transport thousands of passengers.  When those trains break at each stop to load and unload, a tremendous amount of electricity actually goes to waste as there is no way to capture and deploy that excess energy at a later time.  Viridity Energy is working with SEPTA–the nation’s sixth largest public transit organization—to deploy our software optimization system, in combination with an energy storage system, to allow SEPTA to recycle the energy created from the regenerative braking ability of trains and trolleys at a high-use propulsion substation in Philadelphia, which will in turn improve power quality, produce energy savings and generate revenues.

The project calls for Viridity Energy and SEPTA to install a large-scale battery to capture the energy from regenerative braking of trains along a portion of the Market-Frankford Line, the highest ridership line in SEPTA’s system. Through this project, SEPTA will capture and productively use electric power that would otherwise be wasted; generate significant new revenues through participation in PJM’s wholesale power markets; increase operational efficiency through improved power quality and system management; support the achievement of sustainability goals; and enhance the reliability of the electric grid.

Through the SEPTA project, we have assembled global industry leaders with proven ability to deploy large scale systems. Saft will perform the design, manufacturing and commissioning of its Intensium Max20 P System, a battery energy storage system (ESS). Envitech Energy has been selected as the system integrator and will deploy its ENVISTORE System for the Power Control System.

By combining Saft's battery system and Envitech's system integration with our proprietary VPower, we are able to optimize SEPTA's power and voltage quality, reduce energy costs and generate a revenue stream for SEPTA by selling the excess stored energy on the wholesale power market and active participation in the frequency regulation market.

Mass transit systems across the country are experiencing significant fiscal challenges that are further exacerbated by rising energy costs.  This technology demonstration pilot project represents a significant opportunity to open up new revenues using existing assets while simultaneously increasing electric grid reliability.