In a competitive business environment, minimizing electricity costs offers a real advantage.  Piecemeal approaches to reduce those costs abound, but they leave money on the table.  A comprehensive approach that leverages both the purchase of the customer's electricity supply and the active management of the customer’s flexible load is far more effective.

Viridity Energy offers its customers a complete solution toolkit, including:

  • Dynamic linkage between the electric grid and large energy customers
  • Enabling software that takes that linkage and turns customer energy profiles into financial returns
  • Market execution and implementation services that leverages all toolsets to deliver maximum results

Together, these strategies offer customers the greatest opportunity to reduce their energy cost without compromising fundamental business priorities.

What Makes Us Different?

Many large energy customers have engaged in Capacity Demand Response programs in the past.  While the economic benefits can be attractive, the lack of control means that you have no option but to participate in load curtailment when the utility calls for it – regardless of the needs of your business. 

Now there is a new way for you to generate significant financial returns for smart energy management.  Our services move beyond basic capacity, and into the right markets that can earn your operation revenues in the wholesale market, without compromising performance.  We give you the control to reduce your energy spend when it works for your operation.  That means more money to your bottom line.

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