Viridity empowers commercial building owners to manage their energy consumption, reduce their energy bills and earn revenue from their ability to manage their load.  We specialize in working with building portfolio owners that can benefit from a comprehensive energy strategy that serves to differentiate the brand and reduce energy spend, while accounting for individual building requirements.

Looking to reduce energy costs without sacrificing tenant comfort?  Our solutions allow portfolio owners to lower energy spend by up to 20% while respecting tenant needs.

Why Work With Viridity?

With competition for tenants on the rise, having a comprehensive and integrated energy strategy that reduces the potential energy bills of your tenants can be a factor that turns a prospect into a tenant. However, tenant comfort is always a driving factor in any energy management solution.  Unlike other service providers in today’s marketplace, Viridity’s commercial building solutions are designed with tenant comfort as a central constraint of our solution.

Through our software and market monetization services, Viridity can provide access to multiple wholesale markets and energy savings opportunities. We can also simplify your solution through automation, while still giving you the control over your energy reduction strategy. 

Are you ready to lower energy spend by up to 20% while respecting tenant needs? Find out how you can partner with Viridity Energy at