Viridity empowers industrial facilities to lower their total energy spend without compromising processing time or operations. We understand that to be effective, an industrial energy management strategy must be flexible , voluntary, and above all, respect production priorities.  Through our approach, you have the ability to access the right programs to enable the full value of your load flexibility while respecting your operational constraints. If you’re interested in lowering  your energy spend by up to 15% without impact to your operations, Viridity has a suite of solutions for you.

Why Work With Viridity?

Industrial customers have an ongoing need to reduce energy spend.  We understand that traditional methods of cost reduction have been exhausted. You may have participated in past capacity demand response programs, but left them behind when you realized that you had to participate regardless of your production process needs.  Our technology and services platform allows access to multiple voluntary wholesale markets and savings solutions, and enables the full value of load flexibility without compromising the production process. 

Through Viridity’s active demand management and voluntary energy market participation strategies, industrial customers can lower their energy spend by up to 15 percent.

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