Significant investment has been made in the United States in supporting the deployment of renewable energy.  In particular, many states have focused on the development of solar generation.  Now that solar has become more prolific, government support and credits have been reduced.  Are you  seeking new ways to make the business case for renewable energy? Our storage solutions can offer you the opportunity to improve developer IRR by up to 6% through real-time market integration. If you’re interested in increasing your investments in renewable energy, Viridity has a suite of solutions for you.

Why Work With Viridity?

Through our software and market services, Viridity provides customers with the ability to combine renewable energy with storage and produce dispatchable electricity that the electric grid can rely upon.  By  combining solar with storage, the customer has a new opportunity to generate revenue through the wholesale markets and access tax credits designed to increase storage penetration.

As the only player in the market with a proven ability to provide customers with access to multiple wholesale markets, Viridity has the experience and technology to enable participation in complex, real-time markets.  This allows for maximum financial returns for our customers.

Are you a renewable project developer or financier interested in learning about our solutions? Find out how you can partner with Viridity Energy at