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Viridity strives to identify the best market opportunities available for distributed resource owners. For years Viridity provided data driven analysis to resource owners as a consulting service. VPowerMarkets was originally developed to support the internal scheduling and settlement processes for resources used by the Viridity Energy Network Operations Center. Reports were added to the platform and it is now a key tool for account managers and business development specialists.

Viridity uses the VPowerMarkets platform, a model of the complex rules within ISO/RTO Demand Response tariffs, as a tool to analyze a customer’s meter data and energy market trends then generates data for analysis and reports for review. VPowerMarkets produces a set of simple and easy to understand reports that can be used by customers to quickly and effectively make decisions.

VPowerMarkets is a tool used to:

Consult– Suggest energy shifting and curtailment strategies
Schedule– Facilitate the purchase and sale of electricity for customers participating in demand response programs
Settle– Summarize a resource’s economic performance

A report available to customers participating in the PJM Energy Market
Class 42

A report available to customers wishing to track their consumption levels

Class 35